Genuine Jewelry to Express Love and Self Love
Genuine Jewelry to Express Love and Self Love
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Our Designs & Materials


 Rose Simply Love Necklace - Designer Jewelry

All Victoria & Darling jewelry is made with genuine metals and flawless cultured stones. We insist that our craftsmanship is world-class and of supreme quality. We partner with highly skilled world-class goldsmiths who produce for world known brands. Every piece of our jewelry is handmade and 85% of our metal is recycled.


Metal: 14 Karats Vermeil (pronounced vehr-may); it's a French technique!.  It refers to items made of silver that are plated with a thin layer of gold. Gold vermeil is superior to gold-plated. In the U.S., to be considered vermeil, a piece has to be coated with gold that is at least 10 karats pure with the thickness of the gold layer to be at least 2.5 microns.   


CZ Sparkling Stone: Cubic zirconia is durable, visually close to and commercially competitive with diamonds.  We prong-set all our stones onto our jewelry just like the diamond technique, we never glue our beautiful stones onto the jewelry unlike what you would mostly find everywhere else.  You don’t have to worry about our stones falling off ; )


Venetian Necklace Chains:  Our necklace chains are one of the most beautiful qualities you can find.  The venetian necklace chain is shiny, sleek, suitably weighted, densely constructed, and easy to maintain.  


Adjustability and Reversibility:  Did we say versatile?  Every necklace has a silicone adjustable ball (what an innovation!) and you can adjust the length to suit your mood and style.  All our necklace designs can be worn reversible front and back.


Logo Design:  The V shape of Victoria is at the bottom of the heart symbol, and then you get the rest, Darling! 

Victoria & Darling Jewelry Packaging | Designer Jewelry  


Our Packaging:  Check out our beautiful packaging here if you ever wonder how you or your loved one will receive our jewelry. The gift box is foiled with our logo on it completed with a perfectly knotted bow; inside the box you will find a leather pouch which carries the jewelry. You can also use the leather pouch as a card holder; most credit cards and driver's license will fit. Both the leather pouch and paper box are handmade with love, and our bubble mailers comes in pink so you couldn't miss it :)